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Do the Seogento extension must have more power than a basic Magento installation ?

This extension uses the framework provided by Magento. An additional resource consumption can be felt if you add many replacement expression and if you use long mask with many dynamics elements. In others cases, the additional ressource is negligible.

Do I have a satisfaction garantee about the rank of my site if I use your extension ?

We can not garantee that and et no one should also. The SEOgento extension will help you to remove the Magento bloking factors and to perform dynamics optimizations ginely and simply. This Magento extension does not replace a real SEO spécialist but it allows her to focus on the optimization rather than the detection of the blocking factors and on the code correction. This is a necessary step for get the best positions.

What's the update frequence of your plugin ?

We try to evolve rapidly this Magento plugin,in aggreement with our Magento expertise and our ideas en accord avec notre expertise de Magento et nos idées. Customers will be subject to spot checks on the futur features. We hope to post an update every three months.

I have one Magento installation with many shop on different domain name. Should I buy a license for each? Can I use the extension on one of them?

The licence allows you to use SEOgento on a single domain name. We can provide multi-domain licences but you must always buy one license by domain. Actualy Magento does not allow to disable an extension on only one store.

We are a web agency and we want to install the SEOgento extension on the stores of our customers. Can you provide an API and a discount based on quantity ?

Please contact us directly on

Is it safe to install the Ioncube module and/or the Seogento extension on a magento store in production ?

No, it's not safety, a bug can subsist. But the installation is very fast and it can be done in under 10 minutes depending of your OS. It is still prudent to have a page of downtime before starting the installation so that your clients do not appear on a page error.

What is Ioncube module ? I have already the Zend Optimizer, should I install Ioncube ?

The Ioncube PHP module is a module of PHP file encryption. It allows us to issue licenses restricted by domain name. Zend Optimlizer is a module similar to Ioncube these features but do not replace it. We chose Ioncube for its greater compatibility with other modules, including APC.

My server don't have the Ioncube PHP module and I don't want it. Can you provide an open-source version of Seogento ?

No, you must have the module Ioncube to benefit the extension Seogento. However, we can you install it.

I have insert a bad domain name in the order. Can I change it ?

If your license has already been sent you can not change domain name, except in special cases. If your license you do not yet been sent, contact us immediately via our support page available to your account.


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